Mary Fink

Author: admin

(Updated: 2019/02/26)

Hi everyone!

If you are a fan of online games and keep thinking about favorite slots or other options day and night, then you are my soulmate. Let’s get acquainted!

My name is Mary, and I am the main editor of this blog. I am from Beauharnois, Quebec, and have never left the boundaries of my hometown for ages. You can ask ‘why’, and I can say that I have everything close by me to be a happy person. My everything also includes passion for online gaming. The online world of casino games has opened a part of my life, that allows me studying something new, have fun, and avoid stress quicker than people gain weight.

I always have been a person with passion to games. People in my network didn’t believe it will be my advantage, and now I am happy to say how much they were wide of the mark! After high school I went to Laval University and successfully graduated it. I guess my education gave me a lot for my future and passion to writing in advance. During my campus life I took part in different activities, but working in university newspaper was really awesome experience. Thanks to my desire to become a real specialist in this field and endless need for writing, I found out I can do both and develop several skills conjoined.

Currently I work in gaming industry and feel so thankful to all my hobbies and interests about modern technologies and online games in particular. Also, my hobbies are programming and foreign languages. I speak English, Dutch, Korean, and German. In the near future I want to try Spanish and Japan. This hobby helps me to be more flexible and speak to people from all over the globe.

Right now I am a main editor of this website and write or at least edit most of the articles you read. I adore writing in general, but also have my favorite topics. Among them are everything about casino games and modern technologies in gambling industry. I will share with you the most interesting, useful and important information in gaming entertainment!