Rosa Daniels

Author: admin

(Updated: 2019/02/26)

Hi, professional and new gamblers!

And all people, who are fond of online casino games. It is so great to feel our team has so many like-minded persons and can continue doing our job for your interests. Be sure, we wouldn’t stop and disappoint you!

My name is Rosa, and I am project manager at I joined the team since its foundation, so know everything about our blog and its development. If you are here, read our articles on a regular basis, get new and helpful information, then our team is working with the proper vector. This is the main reward for me and my colleges!

At the moment I am a contributing editor with broad knowledge of the gaming industry, entertainment, and finance. I take part in brainstorming, searching for actual topics and news in gaming entertainment, making articles, etc. Besides experience in global gaming and live entertainment, I have additional background in international finance, that makes me an indispensable part of the online casino world. I can share with you professional information about payment options, security of your banking and personal data, etc.

My hobby is also connected with my professional activity. I am fond of writing and create storytelling time after time. This means I write stories for kids and adults, make scenarios for videos, etc. Usually it is not connected to commercial texts, but sometimes I write content for other websites and journals. In addition, I try to learn foreign languages and develop own skills in content-marketing. I am sure, it will help me to write more useful articles for you.

Thanks to all my efforts and hobbies I become that person who understands all needs of players. I can help you determine the quality of exact slot, understand the most complicated rules, find out the best strategy in gameplay, advise good options in slot and table games, etc.

I welcome you to our website with all my experience and knowledge. Promise, we will share here interesting articles about online casinos and modern technologies in live entertainment. So don’t forget to follow us and check for new updates!