Scott Moore

Author: admin

(Updated: 2019/02/26)

Hello friends!

It’s very worryingly to introduce myself to such a huge audience, but I will try to be interesting person for you. I am Scott and I like online casino games too. I guess this is the main feature that bounds us together.

My life was never connected to IT industry, but one day I felt a great desire to draw. And what is more important I was good at it. So after graduation I become a certified graphic designer and created 2D and 3D animations for different projects. Long time I prefer to work as a freelancer, and have a lot of time for both work and hobby. There were several spheres I worked at, but for last 7 years I am a main graphic specialist in gambling industry. Exactly online games become the most attractive working field for me and my hobby conjoined.

Well, there were no chances for me to be outside the theme of online games. I have been doing my job good, so I felt I need to try some games by my own. And you know what? I liked it so much! Since that time I started to combine 2 main parts of my life: making graphic design and writing casino reviews. Such experience allowed me becoming a PR-manager in our company. My experience helps people to understand more about slot machines and other games, be more successful in gameplays. But my main aim is to make fair reviews about casinos and different slots which will be informative for our readers.

At the moment I am a professional PR-manager and a writer in our company. If you are looking for fair and detailed information about any of them, you can find it in our blog. But if you didn’t get what you want, be sure I am preparing a new review at the moment for you. In addition, you can send me a question or request for new game or casino review. I will do my best to prepare it as soon as possible. So let’s keep in touch and discover the gambling world together!