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(Updated: 2019/02/26)

Being a gambling enthusiast you must know that almost every online casino offers to their players a great variety of games. One of the most popular activities among casino players is online slots. The games must insert a coin to make the wheel spinning. The principle is the same for real-life machines and for virtual analogues. The slots generate a random combination of symbols which determines your chances to win the jackpot. As soon as you have reached your goal, the game will inform you about your reward with a special sound that is familiar to everybody. When it comes to Canadians, slot casinos are among their favorite ones. That is why there are plenty of types of slots available online.

Free Casino Slots List

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How to Play Online SLOTS

This game is one of the simplest gambling activities available today. There are no any complicated rules or strategies. All you need to know is the meaning of easy-to-understand combinations. However, we will provide you with a short guide how to start playing slots online.

  1. Select a gaming platform. On the internet, you will easily find the casino site with a great selection of games and types of slots. There are various settings and themes for online slot machines so you can choose the one that fits your mood and interests.
  2. Study the instructions for the game. Despite the fact that the general rules of casinos slots are simple, while starting playing online it is important to define which buttons you need to press in order to make the needed action.
  3. Place a bet. The next step is defining of the bet. You need to decide how many coins you are ready to wager. It is completely up to you. The only thing that is important to know is that the more coins you bet, the higher your chances to win.
  4. Spin the reels. Push the button “Spin” and watch how the reels move. You will know how much you win as soon as every reel stops.
  5. Test your luck. As soon as players get caught with this game, they are ready to make serious bets in order to get even more serious rewards.

Types of Slot Machines

When you dive into the casinos gaming you may sometimes get tired even from your favorite activities. That is why it is important to know about various types of games, mainly slots, in order to diversify your gambling time-spending. There are common types of slots that are popular in Canada:

  • 3-reel Slots – this type has three reels that show the winning combinations. The symbols may be different, however, the most common ones are fruits. So you need to wait for the particular match of them to win the jackpot;
  • 5-reel Slots – with five reels here you have more chances to get the reward. Also, there is a thing like second-screen bonus;
  • Pub Slots – also known as English Pub-style Slots that is also available for playing online. It offers attractive 1000 coins jackpot. This is a classic British fruit machine with a nudge as well as hold features. Additionally, you can benefit from hidden bonuses;
  • Progressive slots – they can be 3-reeled and 5-reeled as well but their main principle is that your target prize grows with the number of spins you make. So the more you play with or without getting the reward for the particular spins, as soon as you see the winning combination on your screen, the prize will be bigger with every game;
  • Mega-Spin slots – with this type of slots online gaming you can be engaged in multiple slots and to spin them simultaneously. The main advantage of this feature is the increasing of the chances to win.

As you can see, the Slot machines have diverse variants so every gamer is able to select the one that will entertain him or her to the fullest.

Bonuses to Play Slots

As we already confirmed, playing online slots is fun without any doubts. But what is more, this is the way you can win real money. What can be better that enjoying your favorite activities and earn money for this? Moreover, the online gaming offers many opportunities to win without spending your own funds. We are talking about various bonuses that most of the internet casinos generously offer. Of course, you need to invest some money in order to start playing, but gambling services encourage their player to keep gambling with the following features:

  1. Welcome bonuses. As soon as you registered in any casino to start your slot playing, the service will reward you with bonus funds. The size of it depends on the sum you deposit first. Usually, it costs 100% of the amount of money you add to your casino account. As a part of the welcome offer, you can get free spins when you can play slots without any money spent.
  2. Free spins. As Slots are so popular in Canada, every gamer knows about free spins offers in online casinos. They can be included in you welcome bonus or you can get them after taking part in promotions and tournaments.
  3. Training modes. One more way to play for free is to start training mode. Unfortunately here you cannot win real money, but you can benefit from this opportunity as well. Master your skills and learn some principles of the game without risks to lose your money.
  4. Promotions and loyalty programs. As soon as you stay in the particular casino, you will be rewarded for your loyalty. Also playing online slots you will be informed about upcoming promotions like match deposits, giveaways and free spins for the particular actions within the game.

Online Slots Strategy

We all understand that gambling is all about the luck and there are no any guarantees you will win after the particular set of actions. However, you can increase your chances by following some useful tips.

  • study the paytable and the information about the game you choose – that is how you can be sure that your actions fit your goals and you make the right things in games;
  • create your bankroll – this will help you in controlling your bets and the amount of money you wager;
  • start with simpler variants of the slot games – if you are the beginner, it would be better to learn the game in 3-reel slots and then gradually move to the more complicated options;
  • use all the opportunities to play for free – for starters, it is a good chance to practice and for the masters – to save some funds at the beginning of the playing slots.

Play Slots for Free and Win Real Money

As we have already mentioned, there plenty of opportunities to play slots for free. When it comes to training mode, you cannot win real money, but just virtual ones. However, various bonuses like welcome or the match one are the great options for free playing. You are rewarded with in-game currency which is allowed to use in games for real-money rewards.