Online Sports Betting

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(Updated: 2017/12/05)

Gambling is a pretty risky and thrilling way to spend your time or make money. However, if you do it carefully and sensibly, it can turn into a fun and thrilling extra feature of watching sports.

Finding the right booking tricks for you is all about finding the proper markets, best time and proper places to make your bets. Following some simple tips you can enjoy your sports betting to the fullest.

What sports are better to bet on? Actually, you can bet any sport and any sport event you desire to. Modern bookmaking sites and offices offer a widest range of different sports, as well as non-sport betting markets as well (the weather, politics and TV shows, etc.). The most popular sports to bet on are:

  • Baseball (is a good chance to earn some good profit when choosing underdogs. It is through a more complicated sport comparing to others to bet on). To make bets on baseball, the ticket writer must know the bet number of the team you want to be and the amount.
  • To bet on that sport, you should tell the team number, the point spread and the amount.
  • The odds of boxing are using “money line”.
  • The wagering odds are 10/11 and that’s a straight bet.
  • Horse racing. That sport offers so many tracks to choose among, so you just have to tell the track number and the name of the horse.
  • You should only tell the team number and the amount you want to wager, that’s “money-line” based payout.
  • You should pick the tournament winner or make a matchup proposition.

There exist also different types of sports betting, such as live, spread, fantasy and exchange betting.

Sports Betting Websites

There are some pretty good sports betting sites in Canada, taking into account their safety and betting options.

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How to Bet on Sports

The minimum betting amount depends on the bookie, but usually it is equal C$1.

  1. You should bet on point spreads. It helps to rebalance the winning odds of each team.
  2. Place your bets on money spread. That way is really easy, you only bet on the team you think is going to win.
  3. You can place a bet over/under. You should combine the teams and whether they score more or less a certain number.
  4. Try to take decimal numbers, which are always positive, into account.
  5. Take American odds into consideration too. It has a great advantage; you get your initial wager back.
  6. Before placing any bets, learn as much as you can about the betting site and check whether they offer the bets on sports you want. Check out the maximum and minimum betting limits. Find out whether they have a good customer support in order to contact them in case any emergency occurs.
  7. Find out the information on sports you would like to bet on. There are lots of people who make their researches within a large period of time. Try to learn the statistics before you place any bets. Don’t forget about different factors, such as injuries, weather etc. when placing bets.
  8. Start with small amounts. Please manage your bankroll properly and carefully. Do not bet a big amount at once. Start with the minimum amounts, and gain some confidence before placing bigger amounts. Do not bet money you had to spend on something else, like your bills, etc. Better use money leftovers for betting. If you want to bet regularly, plan it ahead of time, save some money during the week for that purpose.
  9. You may join or create a fantasy sports league. It’s good to recruit your friends, colleagues or family members. Or ask your social media friends to join you. There are lots of trustworthy online betting sites which have wonderful fantasy sports leagues worth to join.

General Betting Tips

One ex-employee of the booking shop shared his tips for gamblers, which can increase their chances to win.

  • Get familiar with your sport up and down. You should not only keep in mind how many games did that team win, but whether they really played well or were lucky. Learn everything about the sports, team and athlete you bet on, take into account their experience.
  • Favorite does not mean a winner. Do not ignore the price the bookies give.
  • Do not choose the one bookmaking shop at once, browse around. Make a research and find out which of the bookmakers has the best price for the market you need.
  • Include fewer sections in your bet. You should not select more than three or four teams, but one is actually enough.
  • Odds-on prices should be avoided.
  • Pay attention to less obvious markets. Look hard enough to find good prices.
  • Get acquainted with the terms and conditions before making any bets, understand the market.
  • Bet with your head instead of your heart. Despite of your big wish for your team to win, do not convince yourself it is possible. Again, make your research and think well.
  • Pick the right moment. The bookmakers often raise the prices during certain time, or on certain date, so pay attention to that.

Sports Betting Strategies

Canadian players and players from all over the globe waste lots of time when trying to find a perfect system or special strategy for big wins. In fact, such strategy and system doesn’t really exist. Sports betting may not give any warranties, even to genius of math, while too many factors influence the results.

It doesn’t mean you cannot have a good profit from sports betting. You just have to find a proper approach. Regardless of your skills and experience, there are no success guaranties, so just find a way to increase your chances.

These simple steps will help you do this.

  • Be ready to lose. Even the most successful bettors fail to win, so realize you will do that too. Sports are really unpredictable, so get ready to be upset sometimes. Have the correct thinking.
  • Do your researches. The more you know about your sports, the more are your chances to win. Of course you do not have to analyze each of the statistics within hours, but doing certain researches would contribute to your win. Be aware of the latest news about your sports. Doing research is not a waste of time.
  • Set up your limits. You surely cannot be an expert in all the sports, so try to bet on those sports you really are acquainted with. Better make bets on the sports you know inside and out.
  • Make bets online. Betting online is a great benefit, while it’s very easy to do. Usually, the odds of online betting are very competitive, so shop around and find the best prices for you. No secret, online sites also offer different bonuses and regular promotions which could be very helpful. Make sure only to find licensed and regulated online betting sites.
  • Make experiments and records. There are no rules for sports betting, so don’t be afraid to try some new approaches or strategies. Thus, you can find out what works better for you. Do not forget simply that none of them gives you guarantees of big wins, but at least you can find the most convenient and proper for you. You can also analyze your own results by recording them regularly.
  • Discipline and patience are your benefits. Such skills are very important, especially for newbies. Remember that you need some time to learn everything about your market and betting in general, so don’t get frustrated at once you don’t win. Be disciplined and self-controlling and always set budget, limits and make proper decisions.

Beside of these steps, there are some things you should avoid in sports betting to have higher chances of winning:

  • Don’t bet too often. Beginners often make that mistake. Even if there are so many things to bet on, do not do that constantly. If making a constant profit is your aim, then making a large bets number isn’t a good idea. Make only few well thought bets.
  • Don’t let your heart control your head. That’s one more beginners’ mistake. Place bets on what will happen and not on what you want to happen. Don’t lose money by betting only on your favorite athletes or teams. It might not always be a good thing to do. You do not have to include emotions to your decisions.
  • Don’t lose control. That’s one of the most difficult things to do. It concerns not only betting, but all gambling in general. Don’t chase your losses not to run out of money totally. Always manage your bankroll.
  • Don’t blame bad luck. You will have bad times from time to time. Losing money is not always the matter of a bad luck, but of your wrong decisions.
  • Don’t be greedy. Making too many bets and loosing too much money might lead to bust. Don’t be in a rush for making the more money possible the fastest. If you are run by greed, you will definitely loose in long run.
  • Don’t be lazy. It might take some time to become a winning bettor, so you’ll have to put some efforts into it.
  • Don’t bet on sports you don’t understand. In order to bet on any sport, you must have at least basic knowledge about it. Make only reasonable wages.
  • Don’t bet under influence. When you are under any influence, including alcohol, your judgment is changed, so avoid betting under such circumstances.

If you follow these simple steps and try to avoid the above stated mistakes, you might become a pretty successful better.